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Car details

- Suzuki Swift NZ A72S MT 1.2
- 69 kW - 94 hp
- Benzine
- BY 2012 and I’m first owner (bought it new)


- Lowering on AP-Suspensions coilovers + ultra lows
- Camber on all wheels
- Rims Cast13 17” ET35 8J with 195/40/17 stretched tires 
- Music installation Pioneer (Subwoofer, Dubbel-DIN videoscreen)
- Debadged trunk
- Windows tinted
- Sunband on windshield
- Smoked led headlights
- Smoked led taillights
- Smoked side blinkers
- Smoked back trunk brakelight
- Smoked foglight in rear bumper
- Fog lights in front bumper
- Exhaust pipe ornament
- Sideskirts
- Side- and front lips
- Spoiler
- Wind deflectors
- US-Module
- Towstrap
- Detachable towhook (#BecauseDaily)
- …

“Airride systems are nice for parking low. Otherwise, air is for balloons. But driving a static slammed car on the other hand, that needs some serious ball(oon)s."

- Me -



The man behind the machine

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I’m Sascha, born in 1989 and live in Belgium.  🇧🇪

And I bought this car brand new in the beginning of 2012.

I wanted to buy a car that could last for a very long time and was not too expensive. I wanted to be able to pay directly with my own money because I was saving for a house, and so I came across the Swift.

I liked the nice round forms and the cute look of this car. For me, horsepowers and accelleration numbers doesn’t matter, I leave those for people who has to compensate something… 😉

Christin her Volkswagen Polo

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